World’s Most Popular Football Clubs

While all fans may think their favourite football club is of top interest to search for news and updates on, this may not be the most popular within their own country of origin. JD Sports has collated search data to look at which football clubs in the world are most popular based on Google data, with some insightful results showing the top picks may not necessarily be the expected.

Our research collated the average monthly search volume for the club names, filtered by countries, which was then drafted into a list from highest to lowest for each area.

Most Searched Clubs in the World

Without even digging into the numbers specifically, the map clearly demonstrates an overwhelming interest in Real Madrid across the globe. The Spanish La Liga club came top of the list for a total of 97 countries of all, by far outdoing the second place runner-up Arsenal who won in 17 countries on search. Coming a close third, Manchester United gained just 1 less than Arsenal, at 16, bringing strong presence in territories including Asia and Africa.

Most Searched Clubs in Europe

When delved into, Europe shows a different agenda to some other continents, demonstrating a greater sense of national loyalty to home teams. Most countries within Europe tended to stick to their own teams in the top club of interest, with examples from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal amongst those opting for local interest.

UK neighbour Ireland opted for a British team as top of it’s list, choosing North West club Liverpool as number one. Similarly Norway and Iceland also rated Liverpool worthy of interest compared to other top league teams.

Top UK Football Clubs

Looking at the UK in more detail, the top 10 clubs reflect many of the clubs coming top internationally overall. Arsenal pulled in the highest levels of interest, with an average search volume of 869,000 every month, whilst northern clubs Manchester United and Liverpool made the top 3. Interestingly, Barcelona was the only non-British team to make the top 5 cut and the only other besides Real Madrid to make the top 10.

  1. Arsenal
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester United
  4. Chelsea
  5. Barcelona
  6. Real Madrid
  7. Tottenham
  8. Leicester City
  9. Leeds United
  10. West Ham

Notably some top performing teams of recent times haven’t generated interest to make the list, with Premier League clubs including Manchester City, Everton and others missing out.