Revealed: The Most (& Least) Successful Premier League Kits This Season

The dust has settled on an amazing year in the Premier League.

A new study released today by shares data behind the most (and least) successful football shirts of the season, as well as those away and third kits which made the most (and least) appearances.

The full study can be seen here:

The Kits With The Highest Win Percentage (Min 5 Appearances)

It’s no surprise to see that City and Liverpool hold positions 1 and 2 in the table for most successful shirt.

Both teams played out historically good years in terms of cold hard points, and the shirts they wore whilst doing so will be long remembered as a result.

Moving further down the table however you’ll spot a few surprises. Leicester City enjoyed something of a resurgence late in the season with the appointment of Brendan Rodgers.

Another story is Manchester United. It was a league season to forget for the team with Ole at the wheel, but one spark of positivity was that their away shirt was worn during 4 wins out of 6 games.

Position Shirt Appearances Wins Win %
1 Manchester City Home 28 24 86%
2 Liverpool Home 31 26 84%
3 Leicester City Away 5 4 80%
4 Manchester City Away 8 6 75%
5 Manchester United Away 6 4 67%
6 Arsenal Home 26 16 62%
T-7 Liverpool Third 5 3 60%
T-7 Tottenham Hotspur Third 5 3 60%
9 Tottenham Hotspur Home 32 19 59%
10 Chelsea Home 27 15 56%


The Seasons Worst Shirts (Min 5 Appearances)

Poor old Huddersfield.

No matter which way you draw it up The Terriers endured a torrid time in part 2 of their top-flight adventure. All three of their shirts finished inside the top 6 for least successful shirts, with both their away and third kits registering 0 wins across 12 games.

Joining them at the ‘top’ of this unfortunate table are West Ham.

Position Shirt Appearances Wins Win %
1 Huddersfield Town Third 7 0 0%
T-2 Huddersfield Town Away 5 0 0%
T-2 Newcastle United Third 5 0 0%
T-2 West Ham United Third 5 0 0%
5 Southampton Away 9 1 11%
6 Huddersfield Town Home 26 3 12%
7 Brighton & Hove Albion Away 11 2 18%
T-8 Cardiff City Away 5 1 20%
T-8 Wolverhampton Wanderers Away 5 1 20%
10 Fulham Home 31 7 23%


Away & Third Kits With The Most Appearances

Despite the negative narrative often surrounding away and third kits, there are many examples of teams who have played a significant number of games in one of their change shirts.

Position Shirt Appearances
T-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Away 11
T-1 Watford Away 11
3 Southampton Away 9
T-4 Arsenal Third 8
T-4 AFC Bournemouth Away 8
T-4 Chelsea Away 8
T-4 Crystal Palace Away 8
T-4 Manchester City Away 8
T-9 Burnley Away 7
T-9 Huddersfield Third 7


The Most Pointless Club Shirts – Kits With The Least Appearances

Every year fans understandably complain at the fact that almost every team will churn out 3 or even 4 kits, even having the audacity to make some shirts almost identical in colour.

It’s hard to argue that away and third shirts no longer exist primarily to give team’s an option in case of a colour clash, and the two ‘best’ example are found at the top of our table for most ‘pointless’ shirts.

Position Shirt Appearances
T-1 Leicester City Third 1
T-1 Tottenham Hotspur Away 1
T-3 Manchester City Third 2
T-3 Fulham Away 2
T-3 Fulham Fourth 2
T-3 Liverpool Away 2
T-3 West Ham United Away 2
T-8 AFC Bournemouth Third 3
T-8 Cardiff City Third 3
T-8 Chelsea Third 3
T-8 Everton Away 3
T-8 Fulham Away 3
T-8 Manchester United Away 3