Delaware North bringing it’s A Game to the MLB’s London Series ‘19

The authentic taste of US baseball food arrives in London courtesy of London Stadium’s US-owned hospitality company Delaware North. Taking over London for two days, the Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019 will be the first regular season games played in Europe, and there is no bigger match up for the occasion, as two of Major League Baseball’s most famous teams, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, showcase their historic rivalry in the iconic surroundings of London Stadium.

On the menu for this inaugural event, is a baseball stadium legend, the ‘Boomstick’. The 2ft-long hot dog, named after the bat used by Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz, is generously slathered with braised beef chilli, jalapeno cheese sauce, tomato & chilli relish, spring onions, and jalapenos.

This beast of a dog was originally invented by Delaware North chef Chris Vasquez at the Globe Life Stadium in Texas in 2012. It’s now a staple of the MLB experience across the US. And to ensure that the Boomstick is served at its super-sized best Chef Chris Vasquez from Globe Life has been flown into London to supervise the culinary teams on the day.

60,000 UK fans are expected to attend this first ever baseball series held in the UK, and Delaware North are ready for them. The bespoke Boomstick hot dog sausage, made exclusively for the event by London specialists, The Franconian Sausage Company, is not the only super-size Americana food on the menu.

The Boomstick Nachos, fill a 2ft box with tortilla chips, braised beef chilli, jalapeno cheese sauce, tomato & chilli relish, spring onions, jalapenos, sour cream are designed to be shared with your family and friends.

And with the attention to detail that ensures Delaware North remains at the forefront of global hospitality, the company has specially imported 2,000 packets of the baseball classic snack, Cracker Jacks, into the UK for the occasion.

Delaware North are also shipping over one of their most experienced hawkers, George Raub, a veteran of the Met Life Stadium in New York. George will be training a UK team of 90 hawkers in the vocal art of selling at seat-side, where food-laden vendors traditionally run up and down stairs hollering. “Peanuts!” “Hot dogs!” “Beer!” “Getcha popcorn heah!”

That’s not to say that favourite British food will be overlooked. Meat pies, fish and chips and local bangers from Essex-based ‘Wicks Manor Farm’ sausages will also be available to ensure that the flavour of the UK is as much a part of this historic fixture as the Texas-born Boomstick, that will certainly be knocking the game-day sales out of the park!