Commonwealth Games Federation launches pioneering new Games delivery model in partnership with Lagardère Sports

The Commonwealth Games Federation today unveiled an innovative new Games delivery model that will transform the impact and value of hosting the Commonwealth Games through the launch of a pioneering new partnership with Lagardère Sports, one of the world’s leading media, sports and entertainment agencies.

The CGF and Lagardère Sports have launched “CGF Partnerships”, a ground-breaking new partnership that will bring together both organisations under a new entity whose core focus is on improving the support for host nations and cities to enhance the overall value of hosting the Games. In particular, the Partnership will provide support to hosts through a new event delivery model; while also developing new long-term commercial strategies and further strengthening community relations in host cities.

The new joint venture – majority-controlled by the Commonwealth Games Federation – will be led by Lord Robert Smith of Kelvin, former Glasgow 2014 Chairman, who has been appointed as the first-ever CGF Partnerships Chair. In the first instance, CGF Partnerships has been contracted to support the delivery of the next three major Commonwealth Games cycles up to 2030, but with a view to the new partnership delivery model being the foundation behind all the CGF’s major sporting events in the future.

The Commonwealth Games has recently seen a huge wave of enthusiasm and interest from countries across the Commonwealth, with Australia, Canada, England and Malaysia all continuing to develop proposals for the renewed hosting opportunity of the 2022 Games. The Commonwealth Movement was also welcomed in carnival style in the Caribbean last night as the VIth Commonwealth Youth Games burst into life at the Opening Ceremony in the Bahamas.

A key priority for CGF Partnerships is to reduce the cost and maximise the value of the Games for hosts. This will be achieved through an innovative new Games delivery model that will see dedicated CGF Partnerships delivery teams fully integrated with host city teams, providing enhanced support, knowledge and expertise on the delivery of the Games. Access to this embedded CGF Partnership resource will help improve efficiencies and event management throughout the entire life cycle of the Games – enabling Organising Committees to get off-the-ground faster and minimising set-up costs (in areas such as technology and sales); while also ensuring know-how, intelligence and experience is carried forward from Games to Games.

In addition, CGF Partnerships will develop new and long-term commercial revenue streams for host cities, Commonwealth Games Associations and the CGF through new sponsorship, broadcast and digital rights opportunities. While another key area of focus for the Partnership will be further strengthening the engagement between potential host cities and their communities to help expand the number and variety of bids across the Commonwealth.