Carbon8 Lighting speeds things up for Glasgow Tigers speedway team

Carbon8 floodlights have been used to meet the requirements for varying lumen packages and colour rendering indices at Glasgow Tigers speedway Track, Ashfield Stadium, Glasgow. Carbon8Lightings Trevor Jacobs, who managed the project design, spent a lot of time researching and was aided with light level guidance given by Speedway GB. He came up with a solution that provides a safe, inviting and motivating place to participate and also to visit as a spectator.

The Glasgow Tigers are a motorcycle speedway team from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 1928 and the club adopted the Tigers nickname in 1946 to compete in the British SGB Championship. The club celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016 and, following an announcement by the owners of the Glasgow Tigers Speedway Track, it was decided to move racing to Saturday evenings, instead of the club’s traditional Sunday afternoon race day. With the aim of increasing attendance, it was decided that moving the racing to evenings would appeal to a wider audience, thus growing the number of supporters and increasing revenues.

The track was in need of a major refurbishment and as well as a major overhaul of all facilities and a key part of this renovation would be the replacement the existing, inadequate track lighting. The existing lighting, a mixture of 250W and 400W SON flood lights, was producing nowhere near the required light levels on the track to offer safe visibility for the riders along with great viewing for spectators. The search began for a lighting manufacturer that could supply high quality, functional light fittings and a lighting design that would meet the unique demands required for this unusual project and Carbon8 were chosen for the project.

This was an unusual project for Carbon8, not only because it was the first speedway track project the company had worked on but also, as is often the case with sports lighting, because there was no tangible return on investment to be considered on the project. The brief was to provide suitable light levels on the track while minimising light spillage onto the grass infield.

After the site surveys were carried out Carbon8 went away and produced a computerised light simulation for the speedway track and found the perfect solution, using 65 of its 200W Discus Flood Light with a combination of three different lenses. There were many unusual factors to consider with this project, including avoiding any dangerous glare hitting the eyes of the riders.

The installation required each of the 65 fittings to be positioned with pin point accuracy, a task carried out by Glasgow based Universal Electrics. To aid this, Carbon8 provided detailed lighting installation plans along with a laser pointer that was attached to each fitting to ensure the accurate positioning. The combination of three different lens beam angles and the pin point positioning of each fitting has resulted in great light levels on the track will minimal light spillage.

Carbon8’s unique Discus Flood Light offers an unparalleled combination of performance, quality and flexibility. With a choice of five unique precision lenses that have been specifically designed for the Discus Floodlight, light output is guided to exactly where it’s required, perfect for what the Tigers needed. This superb accuracy maximises efficacy while minimising secondary glare and light pollution.

The lighting project was unveiled on the 1st April 2017 at the launch Saturday evening racing event of the season, much to the delight of the owners, Michael and Gerry Facenna. Carbon8Lighting’s sales director Simon Miles and Trevor Jacobs also attended the evening and were met with many compliments and excellent feedback regarding the lighting project.

The fittings were provided with Carbon8 Lighting’s unique 5 Year Premier Care Warranty package.

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