Britain’s20 ‘greenest’ sportsteamsof2019

The Six Nations; FIFA Woman’s World Cup; Cricket World Cup; Netball World Cup;The Ashes;FA Cup; UEFA Nations League; Premier League Football and Rugby; the Rugby World Cup: 

2019 continues to be a plethora of sporting events, with viewing figures already in the tens of millions. Big figures = big money, but there’s always a caveat – the impact bigsporting events and their audiences have on the environment.

The recent UN Climate Change Summit highlighted the need for a stepped-up response to global warming. And with England currently storming through the Rugby World Cup in Japan, it’s a good time to reflect on how UK sports teams are chipping in.

In this report energy auto switching company Switchcraft shines a light on Britain’sgreenest sports teams and“calls on top clubs to make the switch to a renewable energy tariff.”

This report ranks UK sports teams/clubs on 9 ‘green’ criteria, including use of renewable energy, solar PV, commitment to reducing carbon emissions and waste to landfill ratio. The report takes into account international ‘sustainable’ standards such as ISO and BREEAM.The reportis split into two categories: the first table identifies clubs/sides witha venue that holds 30,000 spectators or more, while the second table 30,000 or less.